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Seven Magic Mountains outside Las Vegas

All Style Travel

Making my way through a never ending travel to-do list.

Welcome to my travel blog! I'll be sharing adventures and experiences from a wide range of trips, from camping and road trips to luxury hotel stays on a budget. Focusing on exploring the world around us and finding new and exciting ways to travel without breaking the bank.


Making travel a top priority throughout my life, I hope to provide you with all sorts of travel tips, lessons learned, and full itineraries, so that you can get inspired and plan your own dream trip. Whether you're looking for a quick weekend getaway or an extended adventure, I've got you covered.

I’ll also be sharing my own personal experiences planning and executing trips, so you can learn from my successes (and mistakes!) and be better prepared for your own travels. So come along with me, and my favorite travel companions (my husband and furry baby), as we explore the world and all it has to offer!

Fall Leaves Fall at A Boat Launch
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Quick Statistics

20/50 States Visited
15/50 States Camped
Over $10,000 in
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